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General Manager:General Manager Huazhen He

Welcome to the website of Fujian Fuchuan Yifan New Energy Equipment Manufacturing Co,.Ltd. Thanks for your attention to the development of Yifan New Energy. Fuchuan Yifan New Energy Company is located on a beautiful island in southeast coastal which is the richest area of offshore wind power in China. Fuchuan Yifan New Energy is growing loaded many people’s aspirations. It is the strongest intelligent manufacturing enterprise of wind turbine tower and the biggest offshore wind power integration of operation center. We will make efforts to achieve our goal and be down- to-earth and continuously exceed ourselves. We have full confidence: wind power is the renewable, clean and green resource. It has the most mature prospect in the alternative energies. Chinese new energy strategy has put striving to develop the wind power as a key. The market of wind power equipment will develop rapidly in the future. With the funneling of Taiwan Strait, Fujian is the province having the richest offshore wind power in China. The wind power market will emphasize on the development of offshore wind power. As the sole wind turbine tower manufacturing industry, our company receives high attention and energetic helping from provincial committee, provincial government and relevant departments. We are also listed in the provincial key projects and get the substantial policy support. We have passed the manufacturing system certification of Vestas and Gamesa which are the wind turbine generator manufacturer with the highest level. We have the production capacity of 300 sets onshore and 150 sets offshore, we have delivered more than 200 sets to customers and obtain conform good reputation. The 100,000m2 products storage area provides sufficient sites for customers’ products. We have our own professional large good transportation company and motorcade, providing the most professional, most accurate and lowest transport cost. Product quality is written on the face of each staff in our company, we will supply the value product experience and service if you give us the opportunity. There is the cleanest sea, most charming sand-beach, purest seafood, most plain people in Fuchuan Yifan New Energy. We sincerely welcome your coming.